Area: The appelation is based on the great geological diversity of the soils in a location corresponding to the beginning of the Mediterranean climate. 
The winters are mild and windy and the summers hot and dry.
 This region is also known as the "Drôme Provençale" and "Porte de Provence". 
The terroir is very favourable to winegrowing but also to lavender and another treasure of the region, the black truffle. The soils are mostly limestone-clay, but their diversity gives the wine production significant nuances depending on the zones.
 The vines, surrounded by lavender and truffle oaks, and mountainous valleys, form the most delightful landscapes. The small villages perched on hilltops are a beautiful encasing for the traditional crops and the handsome stone houses.

Grape varieties: Grenache and Syrah. We select the grapes following grape variety, soil, and maturity.

Soil: Limestone and clay soil covered with gravel.

Winemaking process: Traditional vinification with light pumping over in the early stage of the fermentation, followed by fermentation in temperature controlled tank.

Domaine des Frères Gilles is in charge of bottling this wine. The company was created in 1970. All the work, from vine growing to winemaking is taking care of by the family and year after year, they managed to expand their vineyards that represent 100 hectares nowadays.

Tasting notes: This wine dress can be red with deep red variations or a glowing purple or a garnet red gloss. Its body is full of fragrant sweet spices, red and black fruits with hints of licorice.

Service: To be served with red meat, deli meat and cheese. Temperature of service: between 16° and 18°C.


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